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Intro to Cave Diver Course

This course is designed to take the Advanced diver to the next level of diving. The Intro to Cave course is a challenging and rewarding form of diving  tailored to develop your skills, dive techniques, knowledge, planning and procedures in order to prepare you for diving at the highest level. 

This 2 to 3 day PSAI INTRO TO CAVE DIVING course includes 4 dives and covers topics required to safely dive in the overhead cave environment., with limitations regarding penetration and depth. Dives will be conducted in the fresh water spring cave of Cueva Del Agua in Murcia, a 28 degree warm, clear water cave system.

Who this course is for -

  • The certified Advanced  diver or equivalent with over 50 dives and with certifications in diving with doubles/Twins or sidemount wanting to venture into  overhead cave environments.

  • A qualified Cavern Diver

  • We highly recommend a Technical diving qualification as a pre-requisite for this course

Course prerequisites

  • Minimum age 18

  • Minimum certification of Advanced 

  • Cavern Diver certified

  • Sidemount qualification or Equivalent if wanting to use Sidemount systems for the cave training

  • Doubles/twinset qualification 

  • Proof of 50 logged open water dives

  • Compulsory assessment check dive with our instructor prior to starting the course


What you can expect to learn

  • Including but not limited to the following -

    • Equipment selection

    • Pre-dive checks and drills

    • Stress analysis and mitigation

    • Following and making dive plans

    • Gas managment 

    • Team awareness and communication

    • Proper trim, buoyancy and fining techniques

    • Emergency procedures (equipment failures, catastrophic gas loss, lost line, lost buddy)

    • Line laying use. Main line only

    • Markers and arrow use and disciplines

    • Basic Navigation

    • Hazards and problem solving

    • Zero and limited visability

Other information​
  • A cavern diver course can be included if not currency certified with an additional 2 days of training.

  • It is essential that all divers have a current fit to dive medical

  • Most equipment can be hired for the course although we highly recommend bringing your own (tanks and weights will be provided) due to specific set up requirements for each diver.

This course is charged at a daily rate of €200 per day
Excludes Certification fee & Insurance
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